What Should I Do If My Car Is Irreparable?

Due to old age, some of the cars are no longer repairable. Repair shops can try to fix the car and make it run for days or months but eventually, it will lay helpless in the middle of the road. At some point, people keep their cars for sentimental value but this is not worth being so dramatic about owning a car if that is an irreparable car indeed.

You would confuse if this situation happens to you so here are the guides on what to do when your car goes irreparable. The first thing to do is call your manufacturer, you can ask for any opinions from them. If that is no good, you can call your car insurance provider, at the most time the car insurance policy is covered by the manufacturer as well. Try to ask them if there are any programs that they can offer you. Check your qualifications if you are qualified whenever an available program is offered. In some cases, they will offer you to buy a new car with them at a cheaper rate and they will junk your car, it depends on case to case basis depending on the insurance policy you have with them.

Second, you can try to confirm with another repair shop if you really want to have your car repaired. But in most cases, this is not a good idea after all. But in case you do, make sure that they will cover the warranty of the repair. This is just to make sure that you are not coming over and over with the same damage of your car. A high fee may be may be required to do this option since overhaul or part replacements will be badly needed.

Check for any trades that you can have. In most cases, since your car is considered damaged, they might have a trade that qualifies you but it’s second hand in most cases and you still have to pay them but not exactly the actual cost of the car you are getting for trade. This option is very rare though.

If all the mentioned options are no good then we have no choice but to bring the car to a car cemetery. That would be the final destination of all unused, damaged cars, bringing them to junk. Recycling is the main reason why we bring it in there. It’s still the environment and us that will be affected if we don’t dispose of that big garbage properly. Or in some areas, there are junk shops that buy damaged cars, so in case you want to sell your car even in a couple of boxes. Junk shops sometimes get useful and undamaged spare to reuse any parts possible.

But they will only get a few spare and then your car will be junk afterward. Not all parts are useful so they will still go to junk and will be recycled for any metals whatsoever.

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