What are the most valuable items in a car?

These are the most valuable items in a car
The most valuable item in a car is the GPS system and computer-based devices. All the electronic stuff that can be found inside a car is of great value, so if you are selling a damaged car with an intact GPS system, you can get more money. That’s because electronics stores and collectors are always visiting junk car junkyards for GPS systems and other electronics they can reuse.

Another valuable element in a car is the fender. The fender protects the wheels and some other areas of your vehicle. If your car has a full fender then you can get a great quote for it. Doors are also very important. If your car has been in an accident and the doors don’t work properly, you’ll probably get a lower price. However, you can also sell them separately, so you should think about what is better according to your personal circumstances.

A special and valuable part of your car is the catalytic converter. This element has good metals inside, such as platinum or palladium. Check if your car is in good condition and ask for a good price at the junkyard. Another part you have to check is the bumpers. These are one of the most widely used auto parts and are made from aluminum, plastic, and steel. Check the materials used in your bumpers before requesting a quote for your damaged car.

If your used car has airbags, wheels, rims, and tires, then the value increases. Unused airbags can cost a lot of money because some people go to junkyards specifically to buy them separately. Wheels, tires, and rims have great value, especially if they are made of aluminum.

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